The development squads are our unique, individually tailored, supervised and fully assisted yet self facilitated progression sessions.  These squads provide access for any our athletes of any age, level of competition or professionalism to our expertise at a reduced rate compared to our One of One coaching sessions such as those in our  Elite Athlete Programs.

The Development Squads are designed to enable progression not only in personal performance but also as  key performance benchmarks in physical competency, training consistency also also in seen as necessary development pathways for maturity, commitment, self discipline and desire to advance in our programs.

As with all our training applicants, potential clients, Team Members or Scholarship recipients our  Development Squad members receive a complete pre-training assessment and testing process to identify current physical capabilities and areas for improvement in the area of strength and conditioning and competition readiness.

Results from this along with other key considerations provide our clients with the most suitable individually tailored performance enhancing strategy as part of the coaching package options from the Fluid Performance Team.